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Sustainability of open education

oer15 conference presentation (For other conference vids go to Viv Rolfe talking about the sustainability of open...

National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) MOOC Project

Building a Global Visual Language

The Noun Project is building a global visual language. Learn more by visiting.

Design Quack: Using NounProject & SVG Edit

The Cover PART 1 Past the Pages PLUS Live Show Announcement!

Todays Prostheses Are More Capable Than Ever

Advances in prosthetics are making replacement body parts stronger and more lifelike than theyve ever been. See more at Sources:...

IconLocal Hawaii

Parola dordine: essere produttivi, con Google Drive (tutorial italiano)

Conoscete Google Drive? Forse s. Ma quanto lo usate? Io lo uso per lavoro tutti i giorni e mi trovo veramente molto bene. Alternative come i software della suite...

Winter Wrap-Up & Spring News 2016

Behind the scenes: Design sprint with Gimlet Media

For more about Design Sprints: This is a prototype we built with a company called Gimlet Media. Theyre a startup that makes incredible...