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Mark Spitz - Top 5 Motivational Quotes

Free betting bankroll - No deposit required! Quotes from the man whos record for winning the most medals at a single Olympics stood for...

Michael Phelps quotes - part 1

Michael Phelps quotes - part 1 I will share with you some inspirational quotes by Micheal Phelps. michael...

Mark Spitz Quotes

Olympian Michael Phelps talks about infamous bong photo

cnns Piers Morgan talks to Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps about his infamous bong photo. For more cnn videos, check out our YouTube channel at...

Mark Spitz

Mark Spitz won 11 Olympic medals in 19After winning two Gold Medals in the 1968 Olympics in relay events and a silver and bronze in his...

CNN Official Interview: Michael Phelps on bullying, helping

The 16-time Olympic medalist tells Christine Romans he is focusing on his foundation, which promotes healthy lifestyles.

Top Eleven Amanda Beard Quotes About Michael Phelps

eTrueSports anchor babe Raighne Davidson channels swimmer/model Amanda Beard.

Top Eleven Michael Phelps Olympic Quotes

1. I did not mistake a Chinese gymnast for an egg roll and eat her.

Mark Spitz Olympic swimmer swimming in the Flume

Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz swimming free and fly in the Flume date of video unknown.