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SPSS Video-Seminar Teil 27: Inferenzstatistik Mann Whitney U-Test

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Mann-Whitney U-Test

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Mann-Whitney U - SPSS (part 1)

I perform and interpret a Mann-Whitney U test and a Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test in spss. I discuss how to enter the data, how to run the analysis, and interpret the...

Mann Whitney U test in SPSS

Mann Whitney U Test in spss

Mann Whitney U Test

Hypothesis Testing - S3 Mann Whitney U Test

Mann Whitney U Test.

Mann-Whitney U Test in SPSS

This video demonstrates how to perform a Mann-Whitney U test using spss.

Mann Whitney U aka Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test in R (R Tutorial 4.3)

Learn how to conduct the Wilcoxon Rank-Sum (aka Mann-Whitney U) test in R. This is the non-parametric alternative to the independent t-test. We will discuss...

Mann-Whitney U Test and Alternative Non-Parametric Tests in SPSS

This video demonstrates how to conduct a Mann Whitney U Test in spss. The alternatives to the Mann Whitney U Test are also reviewed (Kolmogorov-Smirnov...

How to Use SPSS: Mann-Whitney U Test

Comparing two groups on a single ordinal scale outcome.